Casa del Arroz

Diablo, California


Bollay’s collaboration with the owners, both of Spanish descent resulted in the development of a multi-phased remodel/ reconstruction plan for their home.  Expanding the small courtyard at the front of the house and enclosing it with an arcaded wall Bollay was able to provide intimacy while still allowing enjoyment of the rustic views of Mount Diablo and surrounding countryside.  Its colors and materials capture the flavor of the 1920s Spanish Revivalist period while its living spaces portray current design concepts and highlight the integration of indoor and outdoor rooms.  The courtyard with its colorful, tiled fountain, pebble mosaics, and lush plantings act as out-of-doors living and dining spaces.  Authentic period ceilings, thick plaster walls, rustic terra cotta floor tiles in various patterns, all act together to provide the texture and warmth for this Spanish cortijo.