Below I have included a partial list of books from my library on Spanish architecture and gardens. If you click on the book cover image you will be linked to Amazon where you can get more information on the book and order it if you so desire.

Santa Barbara Architecture
Photography by Wayne McCall, text by Herb Andree and Noel Young
Introduction by David Gebhard, edited by Bob Easton and Wayne McCall
Third Edition; 1995; 318 pp.; ISBN 0-88496-400-0; cloth

Santa Barbara Style
Text by Kathryn Masson, photography by James Chen
2001; 207 pp.; ISBN 0847823741; hard cover

California Architecture in Santa Barbara
H. Philip Staats. New Edition; 1990
Introduction by David Gebhard
125 pp.; ISBN 0-942655-02-8; paperback

Wallace Neff, Architect of California’s Golden Age
Compiled and edited by Wallace Neff Jr., text by Alson Clark, forward by David Gebhard
Capra Press; Santa Barbara 1986; 232 pp.; ISBN 0-88496-254-7; hard cover

Lutah Maria Riggs, A Woman in Architecture 1921-1980
By David Gebhard
Capra Press; Santa Barbara 1992; 132 pp.; ISBN 0-88496-352-7; paperback

The California Gardens of A. E. Hanson
Edited by David Gebhard and Sheila Lynds, introduction by David Gebhard
Hennessey & Ingalls, Inc., 1985; 102 pp.; ISBN 0-912158-91-3; paperback

Early Mexican Houses.
A book of photographs and measured drawings 1930-1990
By Richard Garrison and George W. Rustay, preface to new edition by David Gebhard
Architectural Book Publishing Co.; 173 pp.; ISBN 0-942655-03-6; hard cover

Mediterranean Vernacular
Photography by Roberto Schezen
Rizzoli; New York; 1991; 192 pp.; ISBN 0-8478-1386-X; hard cover

Mediterranean Color
Photography and text by Jeffrey Becom, foreword by Paul Goldberg
Rizzoli; New York; 1991;160 pp.; ISBN 0-89659-925-6; hard cover

Spanish Splendor
Photography by Roberto Schezen, text by Jose Junquera y Mato, introduction by Enrique Ruspoli y Morenes
Rizzoli; New York; 1992; 297 pp.; ISBN 0-8478-1497-1; hard cover